What is the best Collagen? 

An important question to ask yourself before you start using any and more then worth a small check throughout the market.


As some of you may know, we have been active in the collagen business for some time now and we build our business every day because we are so confident in the product and our company.

 It was a coincidence that we came across a multi-proprietary liquid collagen/HA matrix technology that was no longer in its infancy, when we were looking for a way to build something that could secure our future. We wanted something that we could support 300%, that we could help others with and that we could build from home, or in fact from anywhere, in addition to together.

Our company has been around for more than 35 years and with dedication, drive and a proven product that changes lives, a global dominance has been built in the collagen sector over the past 10 years. In fact, for a few weeks now, we’ve been the # 3 fastest growing woman-led company in the US. Our liquid collagen/HA is now available in 30 countries around the world and is expanding further into India and parts beyond this year. We have more than doubled our presence worldwide! WOW!

Even now that we are the market leader in the collagen industry with billions in sales, I feel like we are just getting started!

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However, copycats and hype also come with success. Hyperbole-Based Marketing. And just like the CBD craze, where there is a ton of junk on the market, everyone is now adding collagen to the mix of their product portfolios. They see the HUGE opportunity our company has presented. They see the massive dominance of social media and want their piece too. They cannot ignore the MEGA influencers and bloggers who are all over Facebook and Instagram with our product. It’s really unmistakable and exciting.

We are not saying this for bragging rights, but while there are many who practice very good sales techniques … they cannot have what we have and never will. Our liquid collagen will never be licensed to anyone else! And we cannot be silent about that.

We are the ONLY proprietary liquid collagen/HA matrix for both the bioavailable source and our bio-optimization process to break it down into peptides your body can absorb. Our collagen is the ONLY one in the world readily available in a liquid form and can be absorbed up to 98% by the body.

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Unfortunately, many will succumb to the hype of cheap pills and powders that ‘mix’ with water.

Before getting into the placebo-induced “anecdotal” results people are spreading and making a purchase, ask yourself some questions:

What is the source? Liquid or powder? How many patents? How many clinical studies? Are they published in major medical journals? Which? How many years has it been on the market? Which is the company behind it? Do they make the product or are they a third party? Have they been in the collagen industry for a while or are they just jumping on the cart? Is it non-GMO and hormone free? What is the molecular weight? What is Bioavailability? … 

I could keep going, but this will get you started.

For anyone who wants to do their homework on what they put into their body, I encourage you to join our private group #PureLifestyleExperienceRockstars

Are you interested, curious, would you like some more details,….? Let us know and we will be happy to help you.

Every hour 24/7 we have several people around the world joining our collagen team. We are really gaining momentum and we are here to remain the market leader unlike 95% of the other companies that fail or go bankrupt in their first 2 years.

And the great thing is: you can give your health a boost and, if you are interested, you can also start your own business in the most growing sector of the moment.

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