Sweet potato salad, caramelized nuts, apples and Roquefort or Camembert or goat cheese (depending on your preference)


2 sweet potato
1/2 teaspoon. olive oil
salt and pepper
2 arugula handles
1 apple
20 grams of walnut kernels
1 drizzle of olive oil
1 teaspoon low teaspoon of honey
1 knob of salted butter
30 grams of blue cheese
2 c. 1 teaspoon of olive oil
1 teaspoon of treasure
1/2 teaspoon. 1 teaspoon of strong mustard


Preheat the oven to 200 ° C (180 ° C hot air).
Wash and peel the sweet potato. Cut it into cubes and place on a baking tray covered with parchment paper.
Add the 1/2 teaspoon. olive oil, salt and pepper. Put in the oven and cook for about 30-40 minutes, or until the sweet potato cubes are golden brown.
Caramelize the nuts: heat a pan over high heat with the drizzle of olive oil. Add the grains, honey and salt. Bake for about 3 minutes, or until the nuts are golden brown. Then add the knob of butter. Mix well until melted and set aside.
Prepare the sauce: add the oil, honey and mustard to a bowl and mix well. Chop the parsley.
Cut the apple into thin slices.
When the sweet potato cubes are cooked, assemble your salad: start with the arugula, then the warm sweet potato cubes, the apple and the nuts. Then add the Roquefort in pieces. Add the chopped parsley and the sauce.


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