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Nutrition Services

With our personalised nutrition services we help you to reach your Weight Loss goals based on heathy nutrition, healthy habits and some of our best selling weight loss supplements, perfectly in line with the goals you have set for yourself. You’ll also receive a nutrition plan, list with health foods and we keep you accountable for your progress via regular check-ins.
Our plans are based on a 3-month journey ensuring a consistent and long lasting result.

Next to weight loss our nutrition services and natural and collagen based supplements also help you to control your global health and to take care of your full body, skin and hair care from inside out. 

What is Our Nutrition Coaching?

Whether you are wanting to cleanse for weight loss or just trying to balance a happy, healthy gut, you’ll want to make sure you are only putting the highest quality ingredients into your body.

Sick of feeling tired and heavy? Would you love to curg your addiction to sugar, carbs and processed foods? You want to start taking care of your skin and inner body and fully reclaim your life?

For more than 30 years, our products have been the first choice by customers around the world. Proven, trusted, original formulas delivered to market and anchored by a simple philosophy – if it doesn’t meet our standards of safety, it will never be part of our mix. We still think that’s a good standard to live by.

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • Complete nutrition plan
  • List with health foods
  • Personal accountability check-Inn
  • Multi award winning and patented, collagen based, supplements
  • Unlimited access to all our healthy recipes
  • Free membership and unlimited access to our supportive online community of people that already passed the challenge
  • Our personal engagement to have you reaching your goals

Meal Planning

We help you in putting together your daily meals and this all based on our list with healthy foods

Guaranteed Results

Stick to some simple lifestyle habits, correctly consume our supplement and you’ll see results

Inside Out Lifestyle

Health is more than what you eat. A healthy and beautiful exterior always begins from the inside

Our Other Services

Build Your Health From Inside Out

Collagen Sciences

Visible signs of ageing can result from natural wear and tear of the body, particularly in areas where collagen is essential. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in joint cartilage and the dermis of the skin and helps to keep your skin firm and resilient. As we age, the body’s production of this substance declines so many people may benefit from a daily top-up.

Health and Wellness

Detox, multivitamin, protein shakes, Aloe Vera, protozymes, minerals and so much more…
We have a full health and wellness range of supplements available to you. All products are natural, clean, highly tested and lots of them multiple times awarded.
Depending on your personal needs and preference we’ll guide you in how you can optimise your personal health.

Personal Care

Next to supplements we also offer a wide range of Personal Care products. Skin, body care and hair care products together with a full bathroom collection will help you to give full attention to your complete body. 
Again, all products are extensively tested, extremely well rated by all our customers and lots of them order their personal care products on an automated smartship discount.   

We Help You Build Healthy Habits & Realistic Routines

Healthy habits and realistic routines are the secret to our success. We’ll not promise you unrealistic results and in fact your results you control yourself. We’ll help you to stay accountable and to stick to your goals via regular check ups. Next to that we’ll provide you guidance and advice on eating healthy and optimising your lifestyle as it will help you to improve your overall wellbeing and your quality of life.
With age also comes the need to help nature a bit and therefor our multiple awarded collagen based supplements will help you to build up your health and beauty from inside out.

How Can We Help

For us, learning to eat correct and healthy is the basis. But as it is often complicated to have a perfect diet, we also add a little help on top.

Sports Nutrition

Reach your performance goals, fuel physical and mental performance.

Vitamins & Suppliments

Nutritional supplements to support and balance your daily needs.

Weight Loss

Rapid and lasting weight loss results to reclaim your life

Coaching Services

We’ll be coaching you and we’ll provide you the best possible support on your journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How much water do I need to drink?

You need to drink 3 litres of water every day, this is required for hydration and to flush out toxins. Your body and skin will love you for it!

Why take supplements? Can't I just do the program?

It is unstainable to do a low-calorie plan without taking supplements. The nutritional supplements assist in providing additional nutrition that may be inadequate during a low-calorie diet.

What is collagen? Should I supplement myself with collagen?

Colagen is a protein that we all have present in our body since birth. When getting older the amount of collagen in our body decreases and therefor it's important to refuel on a regular basis.
Collagen tightens your skin, tones muscles and strengthens joints.


We always recommend that you check in with your doctor before starting any program. We are happy to supply you with more details on all our products including all of the fact sheets for the specific supplements that you will be taking. Once you have your doctor’s sign off to commence the program, we recommend that you check in with them regulary to monitor any changes in your condition.

Do I need to exercise?

The short answer is "Yes".
Exercise is just part of a healthy lifestyle but needs to be in proportion. Walking for 20 to 30 minutes a day and a few body weight exercises already is perfectly fine. You don't need to spend an hour in the gym or do huge cardio training each day. Listen to your body and be careful with strenuous exercise when you are on a low-calorie diet because when exercising you burn extra calories which may cause hunger.
So, take it easy but ensure to build in regular exercise!! 

How to nourish my body to have beautiful skin?

We're convinced that external beauty comes from inside and therefor we'll help you to ensure your inner body is in perfect health.

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Paleo Turkey Burger

Paleo Turkey Burger

Paleo Turkey Burger. Lots of us crave burgers on a regular basis; there’s no doubt about it. This burger helps us limit red meat.

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