Serves 4

Craving a Philly cheesesteak? This Keto Philly Cheesesteak Lettuce Wrap will hit the spot, and you won’t even miss the bread.


  • 2​ tbsp. vegetable oil, divided
  • 1​ large onion, thinly sliced
  • 2​ large bell peppers, thinly sliced
  • 1​ tsp. dried oregano
  • Salt​
  • Freshly ground black pepper​
  • 1​ lb. skirt steak, thinly sliced
  • 1​ c. shredded provolone
  • 8​ large butterhead lettuce leaves
  • 1​ tbsp. freshly chopped parsley 


  1. In a large skillet over medium heat, heat 1 tablespoon oil. Add onion and bell peppers and season with oregano, salt, and pepper. Cook, stirring often, until vegetables are tender, about 5 minutes. Remove peppers and onions from skillet and heat remaining oil in skillet.
  2. Add steak in a single layer and season with salt and pepper. Cook until the steak is seared on one side, about 2 minutes. Flip and cook until the steak is seared on the second side and cooked to your liking, about 2 minutes more for medium.
  3. Add onion mixture back to skillet and toss to combine. Sprinkle provolone over steak and onions then cover skillet with a tight-fitting lid and cook until the cheese has melted, about 1 minute. Remove from heat.
  4. Arrange lettuce on a serving platter. Scoop steak mixture onto each piece of lettuce. Garnish with parsley and serve warm.

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