It’s completely normal for the moment to have the blues, to have no morale, to feel sad, stressed, to be afraid or to feel stuck.

How to help yourself?

  1. Do a little exercise to relax:

Sit for a while and close your eyes. Inhale gently through the nose, exhale very slowly through the mouth.

Put a hand on your stomach and find out where the emotion you are feeling right now is. At the belly level? solar plexus? throat?

Put words on how you feel:

“I’m not in good spirits right now because …”.
“I feel sad because …”
“I’m afraid because …”

Continue to breathe quietly …

Pay attention to your neck, shoulders, arms …

Scan your entire body with the intention of relaxing each part you are focusing on …

You should soon notice that once heard, this emotion eventually subsides, or even dissipates. You can continue to breathe quietly until you feel soothed.

  1. We isolate the negative, stop reading and watch negative information on social media and television several times a day.
  2. Create a ritual of gratitude and nourish ourselves with what is good and what is good in our life allowing us to find strength, courage, energy and find a smile.
  1. «I don’t think of all the misfortunes, but of all the beauty that is still there». -Anne Frank-
  1. Increase our activity level.
    Exercise, practise sports or sign up for an online activity that interests you.
  1. Resume contact with friends.
    Having close ties to other people is one of the keys to happiness.
  1. Listen to music which makes you happy and which makes you vibrate.
    Music is capable of arousing emotions such as joy, motivation and good humor.
  1. Dance!
    You can even wiggle one shoulder, then the other and why not lift your butt and let off steam. You see how it is already a little better?


  1. Organise yourself.
    Plan the day even if you are at home. Even with simple tasks. Good planning is essential so that we can focus on the most important tasks and take a few moments of rest.
  1. Do things that do you good.
    Give yourself affection and love! Doing yourself good is just magic for the brain … It’s a great positive message that you send to the brain there! So take a hot bath or shower, put a mask on your face and hair, do your nails, do a massage or ask your partner to do so (and why not do an exchange)

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