Lately, we hear talking about it in stores, we see it in pharmacies and organic stores – collagen.

Collagen, like hyaluronic acid, are the two ingredients at the top of the list of active products, which are used to fill wrinkles, but also for their protective and regenerating effect.

First of all, it is important to know what collagen is.

Collagen is a very valuable protein. It is naturally and massively present in our body. It gives resistance and elasticity to the skin, bones, muscles, cartilage and ligaments.

When we don’t have enough collagen, we have a cascade of reactions that, for most of us, appear in different ways:

– wrinkle muscles

– pain and inflammation of the joints

– appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

– pain

– healing of slower wounds

– more frequent fatigue

 Did you know that there are more than 25 types of endogenous collagen, each adapted to the function it will develop in the tissue. In contrast, 80% – 90% of the collagen in our body belongs to types I, II and III.

But we are going to talk to you about type II collagen, which is responsible for lasting flexibility. Its lack leads to more severe symptoms for joints like osteoarthritis, rheumatism and other joint diseases.

 Unfortunately with age our collagen production decreases.

In addition, the collagen proteins in our bodies are degraded by the rays of the sun, pollution, free radicals and toxic molecules contained in “grilled” meats and fried foods, which we consume too much.

In addition, collagen, in particular, is vulnerable to excess sugar, which in general is also found in our food every day.

That’s not all ! As soon as we are deficient in vitamins of group B, vitamins C, E, but also in minerals like potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and selenium, the presence of collagen in our body decreases.

And another very important thing! Our body needs hyaluronic acid to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and nourish the skin cells.

As you can see this process of collagen production is quite complete and for this reason it is very important to supplement these deficiencies.

 How to ensure a good dose of collagen on a daily basis?

Of course, with good nutrition. A good grandmother’s broth, for example, should be back, but I don’t think we want to eat this every day. And next, it might not be enough.

One solution, to everyone’s free choice, is to increase the consumption of hyaluronic acid and collagen as a supplement.

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But which one and how?

When you go to a pharmacy or another store to buy your collagen, look at two things.

  1. What type of collagen does this product contain
  2. Does it hydrolyze or is it an exogenous collagen – also known as synthetic collagen.

BioCell Type 2 liquid collagen Is a hydrolyzed collagen. The size of the molecule is so small that it is easily absorbed by the lining of our mouth and by our digestive system, so it is absorbed at 90 or 100%. It becomes a nutrient and contributes effectively to the regeneration of tissues. It makes it possible to reduce, prevent and slow down their degradation.

Exogenous collagen is digested, then absorbed from 8 to 10%.

What is collagen made of?

Collagen can be extracted from the skin or cartilage of sea fish, cattle, pigs and chickens. We also hear about “vegetable collagen”, but compared to what the studies say it is all about marketing. Plants do not produce collagen but cellulose. By vegetable collagen, by analogy is meant plant proteins (wheat, soybean, etc.) whose structure and properties are similar to those of animal collagen.


BioCell Type 2 liquid collagen is collagen containing chicken proteins.

The source of collagen in our products largely resembles our own connective tissue, allowing the body to recognize it.

What is the “genius”, that this bottle contains three world class substances: COLLAGEN, hyalauric acid, resveratrol but also antioxidants derived from 13 “super fruits”.

Our product works from the inside to the outside. Personally I start to use the complete collection then the Liquid BioCell collagen to drink 1 to 2 spoons per day and I use facial care products.

It is a revolutionary multi-patent nutraceutical, it has already been recognized with 7 American and international patents as well as numerous industry awards, which completely changes the way we age.

Results – youthful skin, thicker hair, healthy joints, muscle tone and more!

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