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Body Transformation Challenge

90 Day Challenge

What is in it for you

Enter our program and we will guide you in achieving your goal during 90 days. Our program focuses not only on the numbers on your balance, but on the complete transformation of your body and the improvement of your general health.


Refine your figure


Support fat metabolism


inhibits the storage of cellular fats


Supports the health of joints, muscles and connective tissue


reduce bloating


encourages skin rejuvenation


Improves muscle tone


improve your overall physique


improve hydration, firmness and elasticity of the skin


decrease cellulite

What is our 90 Day Body Transformation Challenge

We have implemented a comprehensive program to make your goal a success. In addition, we have created a community to support you in your journey towards healthier eating habits, more physical activity and a little extra help from the Body Transformation System.

What is included in the program

We are happy to help you achieve your goals towards a healthier life. We have created this guide detailing each step to help you get started and to track your progress throughout your journey.



Incorporating the Modere Body Transformation System products (Activate, Ignite and Trim) into your daily routine is just a starting point. Committing to a minimum of three lifestyle changes that we’ll introduce to you each day will help you to take charge and maximise your results, so you can look and feel your best!


Activate is a monthly, 3-day cleanse designed to kick-start your digestive system with ginger root which contributes to normal digestive function. When your digestive system gets sluggish, so can you.
Diet, exercise and avoiding stress are good places to start, but sometimes a little extra support each month can help too. Use Activate for three consecutive days at the beginning of each month you use the Body Transformation System.

Ignite is a powerful, science-backed formula designed to complement any diet and exercise programme.
This vegan, dairy-free formula is crafted with a blend of citrus extracts and guarana, plus l-carnitine and plant-derived caffeine. The guarana seed in Ignite contributes to fat metabolism and weight control.
This combined with Camellia sinensis, which supports resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure, provides a truly unique way to optimise any diet and exercise program.

Trim is a robust combination of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and multi-patented Liquid BioCell™ technology. Liquid BioCell introduces a highly absorbable form of type II collagen into the body to support skin’s hydration, elasticity and firmness. CLA, contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. Trim is available in 3 delicious flavours: Chocolate, Coconut Lime and Vanilla.


The Modere Body Transformation Programme was created to slot conveniently into your daily life, although your eating habits will be an important factor in attaining your goals. If you wish to see results, ideally you must consume fewer calories and increase your physical activity. In theory this sounds simple enough but managing your daily food intake can be quite challenging. Take some time to consider how balanced your diet is and the types of foods and nutrients you include in your meals. We’ve put together some healthy eating tips and some delicious recipes that you can try out to help ensure your meals are providing a healthy solution for your body’s needs.

Body Transformation Challenge recipes


It’s important to include physical activity into your lifestyle not only to burn calories, but also to improve your overall health. To make a great start and to help you maintain a new exercise programme, we recommend creating a schedule with the types of exercise you wish to include each week. The frequency and intensity of your exercise will of course depend on your current activity levels and your objectives. To help you, we’ve suggested a 5-week schedule which includes a combination of Cardio, Strength, Circuit, Core and Recovery days. You can then repeat or intensify depending on your specific goals. We’ve created a guide and schedule for these exercises and you can find workout videos specific to each of these exercise categories in our community on Facebook.


Body Transformation Challenge Exercises


Our programme is about much more than just a number on the scales. It’s so important that you start by tracking your progress with timestamped photos of yourself AND record your measurements so that you can see the change as you go along. To make it all even easier for you, we’ve created a document with tips on taking those “Before” and “After” photos and simple guidelines on taking your measurements.


Share your experiences and your achievements with the rest of the community to help inspire those who are just getting started on their journey and to show off your incredible results.
Be proud of what you’ve accomplished. We even put a guide together on how to write a fantastic testimonial.


If you want to participate in the 90 days Body Transformation Challenge and have the chance to win Modere products of your choice worth up to € 250, simply follow the steps below.

Contact Us !

Contact us so that we can register you or we can help you answer all your questions. We will explain all the details and we will create your “Avatar” to guide you in perfection!
As we have different BTS collections in our range, we will help you make the right choice.
We then invite you to join our Facebook community so that you can see with your own eyes that what we are stating on this page is indeed the case. All the resources are available in the Facebook group and you can browse them immediately to prepare your challenge.

Purchase your Body transformation System

Buy your Modere Body Transformation System in our shop using your own account. If you are a new customer you will receive an additional reduction of € 10 on your first order. To participate in the challenge you will have to buy 3 Body Transformation System with your own account in our shop and during the 3 months between your Before photo and your After photo to realize all 90 days.

take your "Before" photo

Just before starting your Challenge and using the Body Transformation System products for 90 days, take a Before picture which is timestamped (for example with the newspaper of the day held up clearly or simply by adding a timestamp with a timestamp app) and represents the beginning of your journey.

write down the measurements

Make sure you write down the measurements (we provide a measurement tracker) that you will track during your 90 days.

Use the community to the fullest

Take advantage of the advice and support inside our Facebook community and regularly consume your products from the Body Transformation System as indicated in the product usage tips

Submit your "Before" and "After" pictures along with your testimonial

Submit your “Before” and “After” pictures along with your testimonial. We provide you a guide on how to create a powerful testimonial.
Why not share your testimonial on the community too!

Use the correct e-mail address

Make sure you enter the challenge with the same email address that is linked to your account in our shop (with which you purchased the Body Transformation System products)

Check the full Body Transformation Challenge Terms and Conditions

If you want to follow the program but prefer not to share your photos in the community, this is not a problem! You can perfectly follow the entire program, but you cannot be selected as a candidate to win one of the prizes.

Body Transformation Challenge

90 DAY
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