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Food & Nutrition Plan

We help you with defining a healthy nutrition plan based on the correct ingredients and portions.

High Quality Supplements

Specially formulated to help support your body’s daily needs

Inside - Out Lifestyle

Health is more than what you eat. A healthy exterior always begins from the inside

Learn How To Eat Healthy And Optimise Your Busy Lifestyle

Eating healthy and optimising your lifestyle will help you to improve your overall wellbeing and your quality of life. Done with feeling tired, sluggish or heavy and enjoy each day full of energy. Get grip on your addiction to sugar, carbs and processed foods and just change your habits to make healthy choices in how you feed and how you treat your body. Yes, with age also comes the need to help nature a bit and therefor our multiple awarded collagen based supplements help you to build up your health and beauty from inside out. We support and provide you with healthy and effective tips, tricks, nutrition plans, recipes and a lot of insight and testimonials of other people facing the exact same challenges as you but who are really crushing it. And next to all of this valuable content and support, we’ll just have fun! 


Having Trouble Finding a Nutritous Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And We’re Here to Help!

You’re doing your very best to keep your weight and global health under control but it’s not always easy. There’re so many factors that influence health and weight that it sometimes can be a real challenge to keep it all under control and also to not loose motivation or faith. Together with a huge crowd of people that face exactly the same challenge as you, and together with our team, we’re ready to help you on your journey and have your back. When you have somebody that supports you and helps you to stay focussed on some basics in terms of healthy nutrition and lifestyle, everybody can find the balance of enjoying life and stay healthy. We started our own community where people share their own experiences and you’ll see that you’re not alone at all.

How can we Help

For us, learning to eat correct and healthy is the basis. But as it is often complicated to have a perfect diet, we also add a little help on top.

Detox Routine

Kick-start your digestive system and eliminate accumulated toxins.

Sports Nutrition

Reach your performance goals, fuel physical and mental performance

Vitamins & Supplements

Nutritional supplements to support and balance your daily needs.

Weight Loss

Rapid and lasting weight loss results to reclaim your life 

And Even More Services

Next to helping you in controlling and improving your weight we also provide a lot of services in the beauty sector

Body Care

You'll only have 1 body so make sure to respect it and take care of it each and every day. Our product line gives your body what it deserves ... The best !

Skin Care

Our collagen based products help you to keep your skin healthy, elastic and young and this from inside out and at the same time paying attention to your inner health


Our collagen based products give results even after 5 - 10 minutes and when using on a daily basis with age you'll only become more beautiful.

Hair Care

Never in our lives we had the experience we currently have using our hair care products. Our hair is much healthier, grows faster and the products smell delicious

Are You A Professional?

Are you a professional in body care, skin care, anti-aging, hair care, health & wellness, … We work with you, specialists in your field, to expand your range of top products and add on an extra source of income

You get your own online shop with more than 80 natural and multiple times awarded top products, your own digital back office, access to all our online communities, FREE access to all training courses, access to all promotional material, … and we are also personally available to help you whenever you need it

All this without entry costs, without mandatory stock build-up, without mandatory monthly sales, …

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Healthy Habits Don’t Have To Be !

Our body needs energy to live, and this energy is provided to us by food in the form of calories. It’s simple! If you’re getting fat, you are eating more than you need; and if you cannot get fat, you are not eating enough.
We’ll help you to establish healthy habits and learn to know your body and your needs.


About Aneta & Patrick

Passionate about Nature, Health and Each Other

Hi, we are Aneta and Patrick.

Patrick loves pies and chocolate and Aneta loves to cook. Patrick in the past heavy into sports, Aneta in love with medicinal plants, gardening and the ecological way of life. Now, we’re reaching 50 and heavily in love with each other.  We want any young person to arrive at this age in a healthy way, help aged people stay healthy and full of energy, and to fully enjoy life.

Are you like us, do you want to improve your diet and your lifestyle?
You are in the correct place!

Define Your Goals

First step in your whole journey is extremely important as you’ll need to understand exactly what is your goal. What is it that you want to achieve?
Losing weight?
Take care of your skin, your body, your hair? Improve your global health and the way you feel? Start to live more consciously healthy and using only EWG verified and clean products?
We help you defining this as it is not always as simple as it seems.

Setup a Plan

Once you have clearly defined your own goals we’ll setup a plan of attack.
How will we focus together to keep you on track to reach the goals you defined?
What habits you’ll need to change, what are you doing well and you can even do better, what do you need to quit.
What products can help you to reach your target and what changes you might have to make to your lifestyle.
All topics we’ll review when defining your journey.

Crush It Together

Defining a plan is the first thing but then the journey still needs to start. Don’t be afraid, we’ll have your back and we’ll help you to stay focussed and accountable based on personal follow up and regular check-ins. We’ll check if you keep up with your engagement and when you have questions, you need help or just a friendly chat …. we are there!
And not only us but our whole community is ready to provide you support, insight or advice on anything you need.

 We’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Balanced Nutrition

To give you some initial value, and totally free, we’ve listed up 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips which can help you each and every day in keeping your nutrition on point. During our program we show you how you can manage your daily habits and make healthy choices. Through proper menu planning and prepping you can bring delicious, healthful choices into every meal. We’ll provide you valuable resources, tips, a nutrition planner and much more.  Already get your free E-book right now and let us know when you’re ready to start the heathy journey.

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Paleo Turkey Burger

Paleo Turkey Burger

Paleo Turkey Burger. Lots of us crave burgers on a regular basis; there’s no doubt about it. This burger helps us limit red meat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How much water do I need to drink?

You need to drink 3 litres of water every day, this is required for hydration and to flush out toxins. Your body and skin will love you for it!

Why take supplements? Can't I just do the program?

It is unstainable to do a low-calorie plan without taking supplements. The nutritional supplements assist in providing additional nutrition that may be inadequate during a low-calorie diet.

What is collagen? Should I supplement myself with collagen?

Colagen is a protein that we all have present in our body since birth. When getting older the amount of collagen in our body decreases and therefor it's important to refuel on a regular basis.
Collagen tightens your skin, tones muscles and strengthens joints.


We always recommend that you check in with your doctor before starting any program. We are happy to supply you with more details on all our products including all of the fact sheets for the specific supplements that you will be taking. Once you have your doctor’s sign off to commence the program, we recommend that you check in with them regulary to monitor any changes in your condition.

Do I need to exercise?

The short answer is "Yes".
Exercise is just part of a healthy lifestyle but needs to be in proportion. Walking for 20 to 30 minutes a day and a few body weight exercises already is perfectly fine. You don't need to spend an hour in the gym or do huge cardio training each day. Listen to your body and be careful with strenuous exercise when you are on a low-calorie diet because when exercising you burn extra calories which may cause hunger.
So, take it easy but ensure to build in regular exercise!! 

How to nourish my body to have beautiful skin?

We're convinced that external beauty comes from inside and therefor we'll help you to ensure your inner body is in perfect health.


You like to do shopping without help? You feel confident you can find the products you need? You're sure you'll be able to identify the benefits of our high quality and multiple times awarden top products compared to the products you find in the department store or wholesale?
Then just feel free to jump straight in and discover our wide range of products in: Weight control, body care, skin care, anti-aging, hair care, supplements, ... and so much more.

Anyhow, if you any questions or issues we'll jump into the rescue.


You prefer want to have more details on our products, their purpose and benefits, our brand, the ingredients,... and so much more?
You want to be 100% sure that you're placing your order in such a way that you benefit to the max from all discounts and promotions possible?
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Let us know and we'll explain you all the details and we ensure your order is placed perfectly.

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